Miyana Epps

Real Estate Investor and Multifamily Syndicator

My name is Miyana Epps. I am a proud Bay Area native and the owner of Ask M.E. Investments. I have over 20 years of real estate experience which includes lending, wholesaling, rehabbing, interior design, consulting and being a California licensed agent. I currently have ownership interest in 244 multifamily units. With a focus on raising capital and investor relations, my experience as a passive investor has taught me the importance of communication and transparency. My award-winning background in corporate sales and marketing has given me the ability to grow and maintain vital investor relationships which are the lifeline of my business.

My mission is to enable and inspire others to build wealth and realize financial freedom through real estate. I am super passionate about promoting financial literacy and encouraging the next generation to have a money mindset. I’ve had so many great mentors pour into me and I’d like to do whatever I can to pay it forward. Looking forward to networking with you all!

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Benefits of Apartment Investing


Completely Passive Investments

You should be earning like a landlord, not working like one. Our investments are passive, giving you the potential to earn income without the maintenance or operational responsibilities of owning a building.



Historically, private real estate has not been directly correlated with the stock market, which may mitigate your exposure to market volatility and improve portfolio stability.


Economies of Scale

Own more units to reduce your risk. Reduce expenses by consolidating more units under one roof. Enjoy the value of owning large assets without having to buy the entire building. Invest in large-scale real estate projects with other investors, without having to foot the entire bill.

Our Process



We identify the strongest investment markets in the country based on our predetermined criteria. Next we locate an asset with "value-add" potential. We will perform a simple evaluation to see if the asset warrants further underwriting. After a deeper dive into the specifics of the property, we will make a determination on whether or not to proceed with a Non-Binding letter of intent.


Due Diligence/Acquisition

Once the contract is accepted by all parties, we will proceed with due diligence. Due diligence includes but is not limited to a physical walk of the property including all units, a review of all financial documentation, leases and meeting with local city officials to include their input on tax savings, permitting our proposed business plan.


Value-add Strategy

We specifically look for distressed properties that have an opportunity for us to improve performance metrics by lowering expenses, increasing revenue, or both. This allows us to provide greater returns to our investors.


Asset Management

We will conduct on going asset management to ensure all properties are properly maintained to our strict standards. We will oversee and verify that property managers are continually operating at the highest level. We conduct meetings with our management and maintenance teams to review service requests, unit turns, inventory, staffing levels and KPI’s on regular basis. In addition, conducting onsite visits and interviewing random tenants to confirm overall satisfaction with their rental experience.

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